City For Sale

Calum Baird (1) (1)

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I Still Believe in an Alternative


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No Right Turn


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Part one: Don’t Go Sentimental on Me Now
1. Tumbling Down a Hill
2. Rise and Fall
3. Into the Blue
4. Sunset and the City

Part Two: Look Left
1. The Promiseland
2. Backward Town
3. Unemployed Graduate
4. The Ever Willing Soldier
5. 21

Are you booking live music for your bar or restaurant? Or even for a party, wedding or other type of private function? Listen to Calum’s showreel, recorded by Kaye Music Solutions, to sample some of his extensive repertoire of classic cover songs and then enquire about booking him today via his Facebook page.



Upcoming Shows

All shows are free unless stated otherwise
Tuesday 24th, Stramash, Edinburgh, 9:30pm
Sunday 12th, The Raging Bull, Edinburgh, 8pm
Saturday 2nd, Edinburgh May Day Festival, The Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh, 12pm
Friday 5th, Glastonwick Festival, Church Farm, Sussex. Tickets available here
Saturday 20th, Fest der Linken, Rosa Luxemburg-platz, Berlin
Sunday 28th, Soderberg, Lister Sq, Edinburgh, 5:30pm
28th-30th, UZ-Pressefest, Dortmund. Tickets available here