Calum Baird is a singer-songwriter and professional live musician based in Edinburgh. With four years of experience of playing venues from Aberdeen, to London and across to Ireland and the European continent, Calum has received praise, admiration and recognition along the way. He writes and sings his own particular style of raw, folk formed from tales of love and woe, heartfelt political commentaries and social observations.

Since releasing his debut EP, Nothing to Lose, on Folk Rag Records in 2014, Calum has gone on to share bills and stages with some of Scotland’s greatest musicians from the established and upcoming scenes, as well as a host of international musicians too. These include; Dick Gaughan, Attila the Stockbroker, Robb Johnson, Steve Mason (Betaband), Maeve Mackinnon, Kyle Falconer (of The View), The Jellyman’s Daughter, Andy Irvine (Ireland), David Rovics (US), Boikot (Spain) and Banda Bassoti (Italy).

In 2015, Calum wrote and released his debut album, No Right Turn, independently. The album went on to receive nominations for Scottish Album of the Year in 2016.  In addition to this, Calum performed over 170 live shows all around Scotland and the UK, including a spate of live performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the third consecutive year.  Calum rounded off the year by appearing on Scottish Television’s The Fountainbridge Show and being voted Best Acoustic/Solo Musician at the Alternative Music in Falkirk Awards.

2016 started with Calum performing in Berlin, before going on a tour around much of Scotland; taking in Edinburgh, Glasgow, The Borders and Fife.  After supporting Kyle Falconer at a sell out show in Linlithgow, Calum performed at the Edinburgh May Day Festival, before performing a fourth consecutive Edinburgh Fringe Festival; including two shows at the BBC’s Castle Tent.  He then flew out to Lisbon in September to perform at the 40th Anniversary edition of the legendary Festa do Avante.  Calum rounded off the year by releasing a single, I Still Believe in an Alternative, and completing another tour around Scotland, which took his yearly total of live shows over 180.

In 2017, Calum played over 200 shows in five different countries.  In addition to playing a numerous shows around Scotland, Calum was invited out to Madrid in February, where he performed two shows to 1500 people at the Rivas-Vaciamadrid festival as part of a UK contingent commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Jarama.  The weekend after this, Calum performed at the Liederpodium at the Festival Musik und Politik in Berlin, the first Scotsman to perform at the Festival since the 1980s.  Then, on March 2nd, Calum performed in Barcelona at the 31st Barnasants festival in the Harlem Jazz Club, the first Scot to ever play the festival.

In the second half of 2017, Calum played three times in Ireland in March and May, before returning in October to play a solo show in Dublin.  In April, Calum played at the GFTU New Generations festival in England and he then performed at the May Day Festival of Solidarity in Barnsley.  In the summer, Calum played at the May Day Festival in Edinburgh; he travelled to London in July to play at the Gik-Der Park Festival; he then went back to Berlin to play at Festa de Solidaridad de Cuba in July; Calum performed alongside Jack Hinks at the BBC Bandstand stage during the Edinburgh Festival and he ended the summer by playing at the For the Many festival in Glasgow, where Jeremy Corbyn MP was the main speaker.  From the summer too the close of the year, Calum played at events for causes he believes in such as the Edinburgh We Shall Overcome Festival, Stand Up for Labour Edinburgh, Richard Leonard’s Rally for Real Change and Better Than Zero.  As well as this, Calum was commissioned to write a song by Philosophy Football which was to be performed at their October event “Art Out of Revolution”, an evening of celebration of the art produced by the Russian Revolution.

Looking ahead to 2018, and the outlook is much the same as the previous year.  Calum began by playing two shows in Berlin in January, working with the Berlin based artist’s agency, Red Head Music.  In February, Calum will headline the Leith Folk Club before travelling to Berlin to play at the Festival Musik und Politik.  In April, Calum will play a solo show in Hamburg.  In May, he will once again play at the Edinburgh May Day festival.  In June, Calum will head to Manchester to perform at the 0161 Festival, and in September, Calum is scheduled to play at the Unsere-Zeit Pressefest in Dortmund.  In amongst all that, Calum is compiling a new album for release in the summer.

More shows and goings on are certain to be announced, so keep up to date with Calum by visiting him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Any booking inquiries and merchandise purchases, such as CDs and T-Shirts, can be made through Calum’s Facebook page.