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Calum Baird is an independent singer-songwriter based in Falkirk and has toured regularly through the UK and Europe for the last seven years.

Photo by Tricia Yourkevich/BBC

Calum Baird is a 26-year-old, Falkirk based singer-songwriter and activist, playing songs that tie together progressive and romantic themes in a folk music style influenced by Bob Dylan, Dick Gaughan, Billy Bragg, and Phil Ochs.

Calum performs regularly throughout the UK and Europe at festivals and events, as well as supporting causes and organisations with his music at home and abroad.

Over the seven years Calum has worked in the industry, he has performed alongside Scottish musicians such as Dick Gaughan, Ewan McLennan, The Jellyman’s Daughter and Kyle Falconer, as well as David Rovics (US), Andy Irvine (Ireland), Ryan Harvey (US), Attila the Stockbroker (UK), Grace Petrie (UK), Mariela Condo (Ecuador) and many more international musicians.

In this same time, Calum has appeared and performed on national television and radio and has been featured in national and international press, and online media and blogs.


Calum Baird Live in Berlin

Photo by Festival Musik und Politik, Berlin, 2018


New song – The Stones of Tomorrow, out now

This is a folk music song influenced by the styles of Phil Ochs and Scottish Folk musician, Dick Gaughan. I wrote and recorded this song in my home studio during lockdown and the producing and engineering was done by fellow Edinburgh musician, Jack Hinks. This part of the production process was managed and organised entirely online.

The Stones of Tomorrow has an acoustic backdrop and the song is a reflection on the process of existence, learning and how I engage with social existence through my work as an artist. I use all three acoustic guitars that I own on this track, including a Lindo guitar which is arranged in Nashville tuning, a style of acoustic guitar tuning heard on Joni Mitchell tracks as well as some songs by The Smiths and Rolling Stones. Nashville tuning means the top four strings are tuned an octave higher than on a guitar in standard tuning.  This produces a natural reverb, gives a song different dynamic and is ideal for padding other guitar parts.

The artwork was hand drawn in lockdown and is based on a combination of a similar artwork by The Band for their song “The Weight” and classical mosaic depictions.  The artwork also displays different features that make up and compose the backdrop of my life from my guitar, to my bike and a famous block of flats in my favourite European city, Berlin.

The song came out on 15/06/2020 and is available for streaming and download on all online stores including Spotify where after only 3 days, the song reached 1000 streams.

The Stones of Tomorrow  – YouTube

Upcoming gigs

Owing to the Covid-19 crisis it is hard to say when the next live performance will be.  Prior to the crisis, I had a full calendar of gigs organised.  As well as playing a variety of different gigs in Scotland and the UK in music venues and folk clubs, I was going to be performing two shows in Berlin in June, performing four shows at a festival in Dortmund in August and three shows at a festival in Lisbon.  These gigs have been rearranged for next summer instead.

Yet, despite the pandemic, I have managed to play six gigs online including an International Festival with musicians from Germany, Chile, Ecuador, and Cuba. I also performed a gig live on my Facebook page to raise money for the Musicians’ Union’s hardship fund and the Cuba Solidarity Campaign’s Emergency Appeal to raise funds for the Cuban Ministry of Health to purchase urgent medical supplies needed to fight the Coronavirus in Cuba, supplies which are expensive and hard to come by for the Cubans due to the US embargo on the island.






Photo Gallery

Photo from Modern Man artwork shoot, June 2019


Live in Halle (Saale), Germany, May 2019


Photo taken at BBC at the Edinburgh Festivals, August 2019. Also featured, Jack Hinks (right)